Search For Your Learning Resources

Search For Your Learning Resources
GladstarGTSchool is a Learning Resource App that provides Learning Resources made up of videos and other resources produced by world class experts for Your personal and professional development. You can Subscribe for the publications on Leadership Studies, Entrepreneurial Studies, Technological Studies and Gardening through our app. Download Our App GladstarGTSchool

About Us

Gladstar Gifted and Talented School is a school for “gifted” and talented students. All students at Gladstar Gifted and Talented School receive tailored instruction designed around the core principles of gifted education: identifying students’ talents, enhancing curricula, differentiating assignments to ability, and providing enrichment opportunities.

Course activities are designed around the Gifted Education Curriculum Skill Strands: Critical & creative thinking, Problem solving, Research, Technology, Leadership and Social& Emotional needs.
Identified Ability level in term of cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills.

There are no screening criteria for admission but each child educational program-me is according to their individual needs and speed.

This school commence operation by September 2015.

Head Office: 269 Lagos Abeokuta ExpressWay, Lagos.

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