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  2. 8 hours ago

    Everyone on your team knows more about something than you. Ask a question. Go with their answer.

  3. Jan 25

    Adversity is a catalyst for learning. It can actually create advantages for you if you face it with the right mind-set. It all depends on how you respond to it.

  4. 11 hours ago

    The leaders’ job is to help their team identify the RIGHT problem before coming up with a creative solution. The skill of a rower is nullified when the boat is pointed in the wrong direction.

  5. Jan 25

    The way does not bring the will; the will brings the way.

  6. 6 hours ago

    Leaders spend too much time hiding frailties and parading strengths. Humility takes you further than arrogance.

  7. 2 hours ago

    Focusing on problems is a problem. Focus on solutions. Determine who you want to be before deciding what you want to do.

  8. 12 hours ago

    Belief means most when it’s difficult to give. Nothing says I believe in you like a second chance after responsible failure.

  9. Jan 25

    Thx and of the - I've got some reading ahead of me

  10. 22 hours ago

    Lets prepare our strengths to meet opportunities, for as said the meeting of strengths with an opportunity is where you get the chance to start climbing the ladder.

  11. 4 minutes ago

    Have a great idea & now you need a plan? Get an experienced coach/consultant to work w/ you & save tons of money

  12. Jan 25

    It is a real honor to be part of the Top 100 Economic Leaders for the Future in Spain according to the Choiseul Ranking

  13. 19 hours ago

    I have met the Exec Director of Nursing once. I passed her today and she smiled and asked me how I was. So what! I hear you saying This would not have happened in previous times What a shift in culture. Something so simple made me smile

  14. Jan 25

    Leadership: the art of motivating people to act toward achieving common goals. Brinksmanship: the art of pushing a confrontation to the limit of safety to force a desired outcome. One is persuasive, the other coercive. One feels like success, the other like failure.

  15. 5 hours ago

    Leaders be responsible and lead with ethical behavior

  16. Jan 24

    It has been said, that managers do things right while leaders do the right things. Are you a leader or just a manager??

  17. 6 minutes ago

    We measure IQ and EQ, but how about measuring spiritual intelligence? ~Anne-Maria Yritys

  18. 22 hours ago

    We are currently recruiting patients and carers to help support the leadership development of NHS leaders participating on our programmes. For or further information visit or contact National senior programme lead

  19. 18 hours ago

    I received my advance copy of by Already digging in. Pre-order your copy now

  20. 48 minutes ago

    A1:I think being back in the classroom is helping me to empower teachers. They see happening from someone working beside them everyday. Plus, being a , once and a while, it rubs off!

  21. Jan 25

    It’s important to be brave. To take risks ourselves and empower others around us to be risk takers as well. Fear of failure leads to safe, predictable and stagnant behaviors / results. Yes, it might be scary, but stepping forward into the unknown leads to growth.

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