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Gladstar Gifted and Talented School provide an enriched specialized school program via educational software/online platform that enhances development of critical, creative, leadership and entrepreneurial skills along with the core competencies in children within age 10 to 35 as close to their homes as possible.

Gladstar Gifted and Talented School is a school for “gifted” and talented students. All students at Gladstar Gifted and Talented School receive tailored instruction designed around the core principles of gifted education: identifying students’ talents, enhancing curricula, differentiating assignments to ability, and providing enrichment opportunities.

    Established on: August 5,2013
    CAC Registration No: 2268525

Our Products/Services

  • GGTSLeadership: Leadership course and certification for all active children and youth. Leadership course and certificate for all active children and youth. It is filled with learning activities for children and Youth.. Tutoring App filled with leadership videos and games for the next innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders. How to develop the following Leadership skills will be emphasize: Goal Setting. Delegation. Decision Making. Communication. Time Management. Problem Solving. Relationship Building. and lot more
  • GGTSEntrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship Course and Certificate for all active children and Youth. Entrepreneurship Course and certificate for active children and youth. Collection of Educational Resources on Entrepreneurship for youth and others..
  • GGTSLibrary:Collection of Global Resources and News For Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders. Collection of Global Resources and News For Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. Resources and news from international organizations, thought leaders, leading organizations and innovative entrepreneurs on various global issues.
  • DETAILED DESCRIPTION of the Our Children and Youth Enrichment Program Gladstar Gifted and Talented School will run an enrichment program for children within age 8 to 16 that impart skills like vegetable farming, fashion designing, shoe making, catering, théâtre art, programming or hair styling and others based on entrepreneurial practices and principles. The program will be implemented in partnership with primary/secondary schools and enterprises through weekly training in the schools and/or online tutoring via our virtual learning platform, practical projects and apprenticeship training in workplaces. The Vocational training will be blended with soft skills training like Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Marketing and other relevant soft skills. The Participation of each student in the program is mandatory since the program has been accepted by the education policy maker as a valuable component which may be included in their Educational Program. The curriculum will be designed by the local government education experts and experienced entrepreneurs in given field. The program is structured along three main axes: skill training, demonstration of skills acquired and apprenticeship training, as follows: Weekly skill training in their respective schools and on our online platform. The students are encouraged to demonstrate the skills acquired by creating products related to the lessons learnt, and Students in Basic 6 (aged 10), in Basic 9 (aged 13) and in Senior Secondary School (SS3) (aged 16) will, in addition, go through 3 months’ apprenticeship training at assigned workplaces.
  • Thoughts of The Gifted on Leadership Volume 1-4

    Thoughts of The Gifted on Entrepreneurship Volume 1-4


      United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation
      United Nation Major Groups on Children and Youth
      West Africa Civil Society Institute
      The Educational Partnership Centre,Lagos.

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