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Gladstar Gifted and Talented School is a school for “gifted” and talented students. All students at Gladstar Gifted and Talented School receive tailored instruction designed around the core principles of gifted education: identifying students’ talents, enhancing curricula, differentiating assignments to ability, and providing enrichment opportunities.

Course activities are designed around the Gifted Education Curriculum Skill Strands: Critical & creative thinking, Problem solving, Research, Technology, Leadership and Social& Emotional needs.
Identified Ability level in term of cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills.

There are no screening criteria for admission but each child educational program-me is according to their individual needs and speed.

This school commence operation by September 2015.

Head Office: 269 Lagos Abeokuta ExpressWay, Lagos.

Leadership Studies: Which type of leadership do we need today?

Technological Studies: Why Block Chain Technology?

Entrepreneurial Studies: Factors to consider before setting up a bakery.

Entrepreneurial Studies: What to look for in a business partner?

Leadership Studies: Do You have faith in Yourself?

Entrepreneurial Studies: What a good business plan looks like?

Entrepreneurial Studies: Hustle or Leverage, which will make you rich?