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Learn common marketing skills that will make you grow companies like Apple, Coca-cola and Nike.

What is Leadership Development? Stop Managing and Start Leading. Self leadership: Starting point for Great Leadership. Leadership Skills that Every Leader Should Have. How to Improve Leadership Skills. Developing Leadership in You. Defining Leadership Styles. Character Development For Leadership

The best way to learn a new programming language is to practice what you learn: Vanilla JavaScript Projects, How to create a Color Flipper, How to create a counter, How to create a review carousel, How to create a responsive navbar, How to create a sidebar, How to create a modal, How to create a FAQ page, How to create a restaurant menu page, How to create a video background, How to create a navigation bar on scroll, How to create tabs that display different content, How to create a countdown clock and lot more

What is programming? What Programming Language should i learn? How to start writing code. What is HTML? Introduction to HTML: File Structure. Introduction to HTML: Images. Introduction to HTML: Links. Introduction to HTML: Bold and Italic texts. Introduction to HTML: Paragraphs and Heading. Introduction to HTML: Building your first web page. Introduction to CSS. What is CSS? Introduction to Javascript

What is Entrepreneurship? Understanding entrepreneurship basics and fundamentals. 7 Strategies to Grow Your Business. 3 Benefits of Taking Risks. How to take responsible risks. REAL TRUTH ABOUT RISK TAKERS. Start Taking Risks. Interview with AirBnb CEO Brian. Rich versus Poor Mindset. Learn From Jeff Bezos. How to find the right persons to surround yourselves with. Being An Entrepreneur- An interview Session with Gary Vaynerchuk. Leading Trends on Entrepreneurship